How to save important messages in AOL Mail, we had already talked about how you can keep your AOL mailbox organized by creating folders and emails into them. Today we are going to look at one folder in particular which can be used to save important messages in AOL Mail. The folder is called safe mail and it comes by default with your email account. In other words, you don’t have to create it yourself. So whether you don’t have any need to create more specific folders or you simply have some important messages that you want to save but don’t quite fit in any other folder. The saved mail option will be what you need for this tutorial on saving important messages in AOL Mail, we will assume you have already created an AOL account and that you know how to sign into AOL Mail will start from the inbox view as in the image below in the navigation sidebar on the left side of the screen is where you can find the saved mail folder. It is the first option under the folders heading in this menu. This is what we will be working with throughout the course of this tutorial. If you have not moved any messages to safe mail before and when you click on the folder mean this is what you will see there are two easy ways to save important messages in AOL Mail and will go over both of them step-by-step in this post. The first instrument open email that you are reading and the second is from your inbox. This means you how to save an open message in AOL Mail. Let’s say that you have opened up an email you received in AOL and once you read it, you realize that it is a message that you would like to save for future reference. Now if you already have a personal folder that you have created where this email could go. That is always an option. If not, you can simply move it to safe mail for easy access later to do this with the important email open in review find the button near the top of the screen that says more with a small downward arrow. This button opens at the menu of additional actions you can perform on this message. After clicking on more scroll down in the options menu to the move to section here. Click on safe mail. This will move the open email from your AOL inbox into the saved mail folder once moved he will be automatically taken back to your inbox. A notification will pop athletic ruler that the message was successfully removed with the option to quickly undo this action as you can see the message that I moved no longer appears in my list of emails there. However, if you return to the saved mail folder as we did in the introduction, you will find that the email is now there, instead how to save important messages from your AOL Mail inbox. Sometimes you can tell an email is important and needs to be saved, even before you open it in AOL Mail, you do not need to have a message open in order to move it to another folder and this includes the saved mail folder. In fact, the steps are almost exactly the same as in the previous section, like before you will use the more actions button to move the email. The difference here is that you must first select the message you wish to save by marking the checkbox next to it. You can also move multiple messages at once. This way by checking all of their boxes once your desired message is selected, click on the more button at the top of the screen. Doing this will open a drop-down menu of actions you can take scroll down until you reach the safe mail option under the heading moved to click on this to move the selected message or messages from your AOL Mail inbox into the saved mail folder. The messaging moved will now disappear from your inbox and you should see a small notification telling which folder it was moved to with the option to undo, you can access the saved message at any time now by clicking on safe mail in the left navigation menu saving important messages in AOL Mail helps you keep track of everything. But what about unwanted messages. Make sure you read our next post on how to mark emails as spam and delete them in AOL back shows how to connect and remove bank accounts QuickBooks online so were in this user user interface route talk about this when the next video just for the sake of this tutorial was going to bank accounts. Women want to do here in the left hand side click on banking connections you can bank on. I am a Chase member. There is, I can click on that to go ahead and sync up my bank account so it’s gonna run. I’m not really fast forward to the stuff for the sake of the tutorial. I’m connecting my personal savings and personal checking. This is not a business bank account, but you would want to do that with your business select it’s can be the same difference whether it’s business or personal and might want to run your personal through your QuickBooks online it’s always good to see your personal budget. Would you spend at the end of the month were to talk about more about adding and sinking transactions later, but it is a great way to see how much beer you bought or burritos you bought or video games you bought. This is my savings. This is my checking just like that we can connect this. This could take a few minutes is going fast forward okay we’re good to go, and do not mind this your balances should be up there. I am broke as a joke. QuickBooks tries to sink their stuff up with her categories telling autopilot. Don’t worry about this right now that will really do is bring talk about this honey categorizes her income, expenses, or equities in the next couple videos but for the sake of the short, we have connected to our bank account dashboard. It should show up right about here were good to go. Say you want to disconnect, remove a bank account and whether that bank account along got closed. Maybe you just went out of business and started a new business. For whatever reason, let’s go ahead and remove a remove our checking account was going remove our checking accounts women dualism to click on this gearbox right appear go to chart of accounts chart of accounts. Now we’ve got our savings right here. I do not want to have my savings account in QuickBooks online ornament news click on action right over here and let’s go ahead and just click delete this account has a nonzero balance to leading this account will cause adjusting transaction to be great is this okay yes it is. When you were this account completely balance go back to our dashboard and we should just have the one account situated right here in the top right that’s it organized. That is how you connect and remove bank accounts in QuickBooks online. Thank you so much for watching. In the next video wouldn’t talk about the user interface and after that were to talk about adding and deleting and sinking bank transactions in QuickBooks online, they so much. Watch and see the next video


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