How to send an email file attachment picture and video in AOL Mail while the new AOL web portal has a lot to offer. Most people sign up so that they can use the free email service AOL Mail. Today we are going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on some of the most basic functions of your new email account sending an email replying to an email and sending messages with file attachments, pictures and videos for this post we are going to assume you have already signed up for in AOL Mail email account if you don’t have one yet. We explain exactly what you need to do in our post on how to register for AOL Mail to get started. Make sure you are connected to the Internet go to the AOL home page at and sign into your account. If you went already. Click here for a refresher on how to log into AOL Mail this gloomy scene when you are logged in. Should look something like this. How to compose and send an email in AOL Mail. Let’s say you just need to write a quick email to one of your contacts. This is something we can do right from the main screen of your AOL Mail portal. Possibly one of the weirdest things about AOL email compared to others is that it doesn’t immediately show you your inbox when you login. This can make it seem like you like really in the mail, even though it clearly says AOL Mail in the corner but this doesn’t matter if you are wanting to send an email to someone as opposed to replying to a message in your inbox which we’ll talk about in a minute. Simply go to the upper left-hand corner of the screen and you’ll see a big blue compose button click on it to start writing an email from scratch, you will be taken to a new screen where you can compose your message at this point the process is more or less the same as any other email service. You may have used like Yahoo or Gmail if you are unsure what any of the icons in the email editor mean to move your mouse cursor over them, and a label will pop up explaining which button now it’s time to write your email. Usually the first thing people do is enter the recipient’s email address in the field, which is the top line, you can send the same message to more than one person at a time, to all you have to do is separate them with comments just like your teacher taught you to do when writing a list of multiple items, the line below to is that subject field. It’s not necessary to have a subject for your email in AOL Mail but it is helpful for the person you are sending it to. Once you have entered the recipients for your message and typed in the subject line. You can start composing the body of the email when your email is written and you are ready to send it off. Simply go up near the top of the editor window and click on the Big Blue send button. As you are clicking we see one of those handy labels I mentioned earlier explaining what the button does. In this case it says send message followed by a set of parentheses containing control plus enter this last part is something called a heart for people who prefer to use keyboard commands instead of clicking with the mouse. What this means is that if you hold down the control key and the enter/return key simultaneously. This does the same thing as clicking the send button and your email will be sent to the recipients. You have indicated once you click that button or hit that hot condemnation. Your email will be sent, and there is no turning back. We recommend getting the message. A quick check before sending. Just in case you may have made a typo or said something will regret later how to reply to a message in AOL Mail. Sometimes you don’t want to write a brand-new email, but rather reply to a message you received. Said that the conversation stays organized in one thread of emails. That is what we are going to take a look at in the section. As I said earlier AOL email me feel a bit odd to people who are used to using something like Gmail or Yahoo mail regularly page is your inbox as soon as you log into the mail account instead of doing this AOL Mail gives you a personalized portal with new stories and other information similar to the homepage. All of your email navigation will be done through the menu on the left side of the screen. One of the first options in this memo is that inbox and it will have a link next to it, indicating how many new unread emails you have waiting to be checked to get started. Replying to an email you have received in AOL Mail, we first have to get to that message which means we need to access our inbox click on inbox to display all the email you have received. Now things will start to look more familiar inside your AOL inbox, you’ll see any emails that have been sent to you, assuming you have moved or deleted any both read and unread. Locate the message that you want to reply to and click on it in the list. This will open the email so that you can read it and take a variety of actions on it such as sending a reply. Just like in the compose screen from the previous section, there are several icons with different functions. If you unsure what one of them does you can move your cursor over it to see its label to reply to the email that you have open in front of you click on the reply icon which is the leftmost button and looks like a single arrow pointing backwards is in fact to the sender. What will happen now is an email editor screen will open just like the one that is used to compose a new email. The difference is that the original message you received is copied in the bottom of the reply. You are going to send. Although you can delete this if you prefer an directive and subject fields are prefilled with the information from the original email. The blank space in the body of the line that says original message is where you will type the message you want to send as your reply when you are finished writing your message, simply send it just like we did before. By clicking the Big Blue send button how to send a file attachment in AOL email your free AOL Mail account allows you to attach many different types of files to the emails you send the size limit is 25 MB that anything smaller than that should be able to be attached to your message without a problem. Let’s say you want to attach a text file like a PDF or Word document. While you are in the email editor find the icon that looks like a little paperclip in the top menu as you move your mouse over it. You will see that this is the button you should click in order to choose files to attach clicking this will open at the file browser on your computer. From there you will have to go to whatever folder you have the desired file saved in, for example, desktop my documents etc. once you locate the file you wish to attach. Click on it and then click open in the file Explorer window you will know that you did everything right when you see a little blue box above the body of the email containing the file name and size of the attachment, you can attach the file at any point in your email writing process. Some people say that for the end while others like to attach it before they start writing anything so that they don’t forget it. Whatever your preference is. When you have the message written and all of your desired attachments are ready simply send email and all of its attachments as usual by clicking the Big Blue send button how to send a picture file in AOL Mail there are two options for adding images to an email you send through your AOL email account. The first is to follow the steps given in the previous section and just select your desired picture file from the file Explorer on your computer instead of the word doc, for example, those steps will work for just about any type of file, including pictures, as long as the attachments I stays under 25 MB if you add the picture as a normal file attachment. That is how it will arrive to your recipient is a normal file attachment. They will have to download it from the email or preview the file. Depending on what email service they use in order to see the picture. However, there is another way to attach images to your messages in AOL Mail so that they appear in the body of the email along with the text you write. This is called an in-line picture because it is in line with the text to add an in-line picture file click on the icon that looks like a simple painting to the right of the paperclip icon as your cursor touches it. You will see that this is the button you should use to insert pictures into your mail click on this icon. Just like with a regular file attachment. This will open up a file browser or Explorer on your computer where you will have to locate the picture that you want to insert, navigate to the folder where you have saved it. For example, my pictures, desktop, etc. click to select and then choose open in the file Explorer window in which you chose will be inserted in the email. You can click and drag it to move it somewhere else in the message. If you like when you move your cursor over the picture you will see and hear icon and an X button here, which is the usual symbol for settings or options will let you change the picture size alignment in text wrapping, as you might have guessed, the X button will remove the image from the message as before. When you have added all the pictures you want and finished composing your message. Send it by clicking on the Big Blue send button how to send a video in AOL Mail there are two easy ways to send videos in your AOL email that will suit most people’s purposes. Which way should you use that depends on where the video is coming from the folder somewhere on your computer or website like YouTube. If you have the video file save to your computer it can be attached just like any other file by following the same steps described in the previous sections, as long as it is smaller than 25 MB video files can be very large so there is always a chance that the video you want to attach exceeds the limit in which case you might want to share through a cloud storage service like Google drive. On the other hand many times we find a funny or interesting video online and we just have to share it with one of our friends, family members or other contacts. In this case, the easiest thing to do is to copy the URL of the website where you saw the video and paste it into the body of your email. This way, the recipient can link directly to the same website and watch the video online themselves. Getting a video to play inside the email itself. Using an embedded link. For example, is not supported in AOL Mail as of this writing, but that is beyond the scope of most users needs. Anyway, you can simply attach video files you have saved to your computer or paste a link to videos you find on the Internet. As with every other case. When you have everything good to go in your message, including file attachments or links to videos, simply click the send button to send it on its way to the recipients you have listed. Now you are ready to use the basic functions of your AOL Mail account by checking your inbox. Send a little emails replying to messages you have received and attaching files, pictures and videos. The more you use your email. The easier things will get more staff will accumulate in your inbox. Make sure you read our next post on how to create a folder in AOL Mail so that you can keep things nice and organized


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