We will learn how to create customers and send them estimates in this video we are ready to create and send an invoice we’ve completed our service or we have sold products and now we need to collect. We need to get paid right does at the end of the day, a world strategy. Shut out somebody made it this far. Okay so big shot you guys. Let’s get into it.

Steps which are to be followed:

  • First things first, let’s go over to sales. Click on customers right appear in the top left button.
  • Let’s go ahead and send him an invoice we have to let them know that he owes us some coin. So first things first. Make sure you have his email.
  • If you plan on billing him via email. It’s the bed. I highly recommend getting paid via check or cash to avoid merchant service fees but sometimes companies people and companies want to pay their expenses with business accounts.
  • Do not worry about accepting credit cards that were to talk about that to videos such as focused on how to bill our clients with professional percentage one of your emails. This is when my thousand billion emails will to see outlooks on therein we’re consented to Freddy Krueger net 30 know who I do not want to get paid in a month from now only paid a net 15 or two on receipt. Maybe it’s a Friday. Maybe you guys had a verbal agreement and you want your money before the weekend.
  • Click on do you want to receive that promise given at 15 and the product and service thing. It shows up way too bland its way to generalize, we’ve got our sales this and that they run a small business that deals with car detailing. You might one offer different pricing packages. Maybe you have an option for $30 $60 $90.

This could be probably related to a lot of businesses whether it’s you know a mobile dog, cleaning service or you cut trees are your garden or whatever it may be you might want to put your products in here so looks a little bit more professional because your clients are going to see this of you just have a now hours five general labor there to see that that is what you professional what were you do is really create a package really fast and if there’s a lot of things you have to bill them for add lines do it but to sit for the sake of the tutorial, we are just going to add one click on add new right there and on your right hand side. This is can help us categorize our services or products that we offer knee probably have these written down. You probably have package deals or promo deals.

But again, we would we do we have a car detailing business for this tutorial inventory product you buy and keep track of. Now not sell anything on inventory this stuff that you do so, but you don’t really need to keep track of it nuts and bolts as the example bundle Click on service right here and will call this our bronze package with a bronze silver and gold and for $30. With this package, you just get let’s call it a carwash and a wax job. You know the $60 silver package we can add that and will do the interior cleaning. We will wipe down your leather interior, we will vacuum your car who thrown air freshener in their and for the gold package. I have no idea will turn it into a flux capacitor and can fly around the bronze package and this is again what the clients will see I don’t have an SKU number for this list of letter products and you want to keep track of inventory recommend that category general labour. I don’t think this shows up on the invoice will just call this’s that are no I’m running up anything that wants just put the bronze package. Again, bronze package, save that’s fine.


Sales information I sell this product is served okay so this is what they’re going to see this is a carwash fold full carwash and would be caught with waxing with two layers wax coating sales price. We called this $30 just like that purchasing. I purchased this product from vendor nor denied. I this is all me. This is all myself income account income account. This is doubly sales. This would not go under uncategorized income, or any of the sorts, save it and close it. Now let’s go ahead and shows up like that. If you want to go ahead and for future reference. One click on that we are to have a bronze package right there. We do not have to do it all over again and it looks much better than just having one this in that building for this so they could totally see what they’re paying for. In case there is ever a refund or dispute. They said that they didn’t do this or you offered this and then didn’t do that you go back and do it again or however you handle your business and for the sake of this.

Final Step:

  • Let’s look at our print preview, print, packaging slip deftly not a let’s look at it very generic bullock that showed up. It has a bronze package. Maybe we’ll get rid of the category.
  • The category showed up right there. It was the description full carwash with two layers of wax coating that looks good. That looks a lot better than something the just as one for $30 and it could be anything.
  • What did they pay for how they file it on their taxes on their and what kind of expenses that they have no idea that’s generally it.
  • We have to clean this looks disgusting and talk about creating a custom invoice with our logo when working to have the interface look way cleaner than this, but this would work. This would deftly work.
  • Now we can go ahead and save it and send it and it’s going to show up on okay subject invoice 102 layers hotdogs online payments were about that in a video after the invoice customization one.
  • Let’s send it.
  • Let’s close it now to pull up our email. Let’s see if they were notified.


So now they know they have to pay us. There is no they did, they do not need QuickBooks online to view their invoice you can just click on this and it’s going to show more of a breakdown. This is the just now in the next couple videos like I talked about. We are going to set up so we can accept debit or Visa MasterCard plastic to accept payment but that is a guy congratulation you guys officially learn how to create and send an invoice and QuickBooks online.

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How to Create Custom Estimate in QuickBooks


Maxim last year we created an estimate but it looks pretty plain. So what spice it up and let our estimate better represent your brand.


  • So let’s get back into it from the dashboard of the overdue sales.
  • Click on rodeo customers right here on the far right where it says create invoices, go ahead and click on create estimates and will route to do was just have couple want to know about this service or this and that one hour.
  • Get to what would happen with the I button so about that pause for station identification hours one hour $10 this and that.
  • Check out here in the bottom middle click on customize now it’s broken up you go to new style you want to leave without saving surely we need back that doesn’t take that long to type in one hour so is broken up into okay for create estimates that turn heads and open wallets.
  • Content emails and payments will just be called as templates one just like that.


For example, one now there’s a bunch of things you can do so. We got our design or content or emails payments for design is how we wanted to look at her colour a logo. I imagine your company has a couple of colours that represented these colours may be on your logo, your decals, your uniforms, let’s upload an image. I’ve got my old Village Park source logo just like that. I like that the colour is a little bit too bright to go with the darker green. I like that that’s good to go get choosy with your font. Let’s go from Helvetica to Times New Roman and Times New Roman and speculative bigger when in doubt, print out and good in that department.



Let’s content maybe some of the stuff we need some of the stuff we do not need. It’s got three little pencils over here. That means we can edit this information. Maybe you don’t have your phone number on it maybe don’t have your business name for numbers we can on click that sale that’s gone there at County your call emails. This is got so backed content for the site you can get rid of some of the stuff you got a broken on your rate your quantity your amount. If you have a lot of products need an SKU number you can add it in that regard, I want to go back to design and really fast. I want to change the template though I don’t like this. I think friendly is the most professional, click on friendly let’s go with bold now was too much ink will go with modern and I know we can move our logo around the little bit and put that over there estimate middle discount play around that there are no right or wrong emails. This is kind of your stock what to say when it shows up in their email. Here’s your invoice.


No, let’s go from the click on that down to estimate dear about a ruffled number. Please review the estimate below. Feel free to contest. Contact us to give me questions. We look forward to working with you. Thanks for doing. Thanks for your business can be. Right now I am at my coffee and Danes at the subject in here useful name you got a couple more options and that’s kind of just payments is over here being a show bank transfer free. I don’t think you can do PayPal you can you PayPal I like that and we are going to click done and we saved it is template one so if you ever go back to estimates. Let’s go on it apnea so my pin my Internet bill so ready to back to customize again and it should show up template one. There is fraud or another estimate. Soon after, keep re-creating that every single time there’s an estimate or an invoice. Invoices can work the same way if you guys want a tutorial for that. Let me know that is how you create a custom estimate in QuickBooks online.



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